Based on feedback from our CJCJ Panel Pilot counties, we’ve added a new way to record panel information during your reviews. Now, it’s easier to record information on multiple siblings, without having to bounce from screen to screen.

Here’s how:
– Open your case.
– Select the Plan Group link in the left hand menu.
– At the screen bottom, you will see a new clickable link CJCJ Panel Review Multiple Edit.
– When you select that link, it will expand & display all of the siblings in care.

– In each child’s row, you have the option to create a new review (New), skip it for now (SKIP), or edit an old review.

– Once you have selected all of the children to include in your current review, select the Create/Edit CJCJ Panel Reviews button.

– The system will now direct you to data entry screens where you can enter section information for all selected siblings on the same screen. No more back & forth.